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Basic Installation

  1. Extract a copy of the downloaded files
  2. Create a website in IIS
  3. Copy (or upload) the extracted files to the root folder of you newly created IIS website
  4. Create a MSSQL database called "kbvault"
  5. Run scripts under /KBvault.Web/Install folder against the new database
  6. Modify the Web.config file How To Edit The Web.config File
  7. Make sure your application pool identity have write access to folders Lucene,BackupArchives,logs and Uploads
  8. Open a browser and point it twords your website/Dashboard
  9. Login using admin for both the username and password fields
  10. Configure your ShareThis public key with System Settings (optional)
  11. Configure your disqus site name within System Settings (optional)
  12. Create categories and add some articles to get started.
  13. For rebuilding indexes you may need to enable/install Web Sockets
  14. If you are behind a firewall or using a service like cloudflare rebuild indexes might not operate correctly.
  15. Have fun :) and give feedback

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