This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.
The System Settings can be accessed from the Dashboard by clicking on Settings on the right side. See the diagram below for what each setting does.

  1. The Compnay Name is for the name of your company or organization (this will be shown on the title bar as well as each page)
  2. The Tag Line can be used to define the sites name or purpose
  3. The Jumbotron Text is actually the smallest text on the Landing Page banner
  4. This defines how many articles are displayed on the Landing Page as well as under each Category
  5. Put your ShareThis public key here (optional)
  6. Put your Disqus Short Name here (optional)
  7. Put a prefix here (check the Known Bugs & Workarounds seciton for issues pertaining to this setting)
  8. Put your Google Analytics Account Name here (optional)
  9. Put valid file extensions of files that you may attach to KB Articles
  10. Set this to location of the BackupArchive folder (must be writable by the SQL service)
  11. Shows the current running version of KBVault

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